Solomon Islands Flights Guide

The Solomon Islands are a nation comprised of hundreds (992, to be exact) of islands in the South Pacific. Formerly a British colony, the country's tourism industry is steeped in unique variety, from diving to explore ships wrecked during WWII encounters between the U.S. and Japan, to exploring jungles, visiting waterfalls, and the Central Market in the nation's capital, Honiara, which showcases the island's produce and handmade crafts. Getting to the Islands requires first flying into Fiji or Brisbane and then taking a direct flight to Honiara International Airport, located on the main island, Guadalcanal.

One of the appeals of the Solomon Islands is in its remoteness--less than 15% of the islands are actually inhabited, and the additional planning the trip requires puts off many prospective visitors, making for a pure, undiscovered-feel for those who do make the journey. In keeping with the beautifully-remote theme, the Islands also offer Tetepare, an exceptionally beautiful, uninhabited island surrounded by healthy reefs. The country's year-round hot and humid climate makes it an inviting prospect for travelers seeking a tropical getaway, particularly for diving fanatics who are keen to explore the deceptively tranquil waters concealing historical strife.
Popular Routes to Solomon Islands

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