South Korea Flights Guide

Known as the Republic of Korea (and not to be confused with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea), South Korea is a thriving democratic state located on the Southern Half of the Korean Peninsula. Modern South Korea is characterized by its incredibly forward thinking, modern and even metropolitan culture. It is, for example, one of the world leaders in science and technology. Its capital city, Seoul, exemplifies this attitude and is considered the seventh most sustainable city in the world.

Capital city Seoul can be considered one of the most technologically advanced and thriving cities in the world, and is famous for its high speed rail and having hosted, among other things, a FIFA World Cup and the 1988 Summer Olympics. However, growing metropolises like Busan and Incheon are also thriving centers of culture and wow visitors every year with their modernity and charm.

Incheon International Airport, which serves the Seoul metropolitan area and sees nearly 60 million passengers a year is considered South Korea's largest and most modern. However, Jeju International Airport is also incredibly busy, as is Gimpo International Airport, which is also located in Seoul, though across town from Incheon. South Korean climate hinges between humid subtropical and humid continental, meaning that they experience the intensity of the summerly East Asian monsoon seasons that are so famous in the area, but also the intensity of near freezing winters.
Popular Routes to South Korea

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