Sweden Flights Guide

Home to more than just the original Ikea, Sweden is a thriving and ultra modern Scandinavian country. Despite its sometimes harsh climate, and its long, dark winters, Swedes, like their neighbors the Danes and the Norwegians, have carved out a way of life known for its cheerfulness, forward-thinking socialist policies, and love of country.

Stockholm, Sweden's most famous city (and also the capital) is every way on par with Scandinavian cousins Oslo and Copenhagen, and known equally for its elegant architecture, and sleek modernity. Second largest city Malmo, located just a short (underwater) train ride from Danish Copenhagen, is a thriving college town and home to a prestigious design school, as well as one of the largest shopping centers in the country.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the largest in the country, serving the city of Stockholm and its surrounding area. Secondly, Gotteborg-Landvetter Airport is located in Gothenberg. However, for many Swedes, Copenhagen's International Airport is often closer and more convenient for both domestic and international travel. Though Sweden is known for being a cold place, native Swedes will tell you that the climate is often milder than its reputation boasts. Though sub-zero temperatures in the winter are not uncommon, winters are shorter than other places in Scandinavia. On the other hand, summers are unlikely to see harsh or long bouts of heat, as weather rarely climbs past 20 degrees celsius.
Popular Routes to Sweden

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