Switzerland Flights Guide

Famously central, famously neutral, famously prosperous and featuring the much-loved Alps, Switzerland is smack in the middle of Western Europe, and is known continentally as a polyglot paradise (it has four official languages, depending on the region). But Switzerland is so much more than just a pretty place with an impeccable banking reputation. It is a thriving, historical and much-traveled land, featuring lovely countryside as well as city charm, featuring the slow life as well as the fast.

Mention famous cities/ Divided into 26 cantons and featuring no official capital, one might say that the structure of cities in Switzerland, much like everything else, is unique. The seat of the federal government is located in central Bern, but that doesn't mean the influence of global cities like Geneva (known for its pretty geyser) and Zurich should be discounted.

As an incredibly centrally located and powerful country, it's no wonder that Switzerland is not short of well-traveled international airports. Through Zurich is the largest, Geneva International Airport isn't far behind. And though Bern does have an international flight hub itself, the third largest in the country is located in Basel. Though Switzerland is famous for its mountainous Alps where the weather is cold, the country has a relative lot of variance for a country its size. Rainfall is moderate in most parts of the country, and summer rains due to humidity in these regions is not uncommon. However, there are regions near the southern tip of the country whose climate more closely resembles Italy's Mediterranean than the Alps.
Popular Routes to Switzerland

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