Syria Flights Guide

Not currently high on anyone's travel list, Syria could one day be considered one of the undiscovered gems of international travel. Flanked on one side by the Mediterranean Sea, the country enjoys a great location in a culturally rich and controversial time. Its capital city, Damascus, is revered in the history-buff community for its resilience and ruins, which lie up to eight-feet deep beneath the city. The Old City blends history's timeline with Roman architectural features spanning centuries, and the religious buildings' architectural features are reminiscent of biblical times. The country enjoys long, hot, and dry summers, and short, mild winters that bear rain to relieve the country from the summertime heat.

Travelers considering visiting Syria should bear in mind that it's very difficult to find flights into the country and particularly dangerous once inside, due to the country's ongoing civil war which began in 2011.
Popular Routes to Syria

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