Taiwan Flights Guide

Though many consider Taiwan intricately related, or even a part of China, Taiwan retains a separate government, currency and even dialect of Mandarin from mainland China. Visitors who take to Taiwan are charmed by charming provincial towns with an old world flavor, beachy retreats, and a vibrant and bustling city in the form of the capital, Taipei.

The capital city, Taipei, is home to most important touristic sites. It is chock full of grand night markets such as Shilin and Huaxi, natural hot springs in the Beitou region, and Taipei 101, one of the largest skyscrapers in the world. Visitors are charmed by Taipei's mixture of cosmopolitan life and charming, friendly citizens. Other important cities include Kaohsiung, and Taichung.

The busiest airport in Taiwan is Taoyuan International Airport, located in the capital city, Taipei. The next largest city is Kaohsiung International Airport, which is not surprising as it is located in the second largest city in the country. Passengers also travel to and from the slightly smaller Taipei Songshan Airport. Taiwan's marine tropical climate is influenced by the fact that it lies along the Tropic of Cancer. The North and the Center of the Island nation are subtropical, and the beachy south is a mixture of tropical and more temperate, mountainous regions. The summertime is considered Typhoon season, though typhoons are not incredibly regular.
Popular Routes to Taiwan

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