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The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi is an interesting mix of cultures and foods. It is a gateway between Europe and Asia, and was under Soviet Rule for a time, so they are quite multi-cultural. There are varied activities to take advantage of here, such as hiking up to Narikala Fortress, viewing the eclectic and fascinating mix of modern and old architecture, visiting the many museums, including the Museum of Georgia, visiting the Old Town, wine tasting at a Georgian vineyard, eating traditional Georgian food that is influenced by Asian cuisines, and visiting places like the Anshiskhati Basilica, Peace Bridge, Abanotubani sulfur baths, and Dry Bridge Flea Market.

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, and there is much to do and explore here; but the countries of Armenia and Azerbaijan are fairly close and reachable if you so desire. Tbilisi also has a metro, buses, and cable car to get you around the city and the country.

Tbilisi has a fairly humid/warm/subtropical climate. Their summers are quite hot and their winters are moderately cold. They receive rainfall all year round and don't have a specific dry period. Although you could visit Tbilisi at any time of year, the most pleasant times are like the months of May, June or September; the weather gets very hot in July and August and the later fall/early spring brings more rainfall.
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