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Located in Queensland, Australia, Toowoomba is known as the garden city as it has an excess of gardens and public parks. It is also known as the ghost capital of the world and has been featured on The Project, bringing worldwide attention to its spooky history. Its colonial architecture and Cobb & Co museum, which displays hundreds of horse-drawn carriages, adds to the city's already intriguing personality.

The Translink allows travelers to explore the city and beyond, reaching as far as Brisbane. With the option to pay by fare or purchase a gopass, visitors are able to pay for train, tram, and bus tickets for easy and accessible transportation.

The average summer day in Toowoomba is a beautiful 28? while rainy days take up less and a third of the year. The winter does not drop below a comfortable 17?. The best time to visit Toowoomba would be during June, July, and August when the temperatures are the most comfortable and the rain is at its most infrequent. While it might be a popular time to visit, Toowoomba holds an annual Carnival of Flowers at the beginning of the spring. This is a big,week-long event for the city with tons of activities and opportunities to tour the exquisite gardens the city has to offer.
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