Trinidad And Tobago Flights Guide

Trinidad and Tobago are two separate but unified island nations located in the Caribbean sea, close to the coast of Venezuela. Trinidad and Tobago have had influence by Spanish and French culture (among others) and are modernly considered a place of strong Creole traditions, including a rather raucous Carnival celebration, and draws a significant amount of tourists. The islands are also known for their distinct wildlife, including many species of hummingbird.

The capital city, located on southern island Trinidad, is known as Port-au-Spain (Port of Spain in English) and is home to both a major shipping hub, and the country's largest and best known yearly celebration, during carnival. However, both the city of Chaguanas, and San Fernando are larger than Port-of-Spain in population, and are popular cultural destinations in their own right.

One of the most popular modes of transportation between islands is via plane, placing an importance on air travel unique to the area. For this reason, there are two major international airports, one on each Island. Piarco International Airport is native to Trinidad, while ANR Robinson International Airport is located on nearby Tobago. Both feature commercial domestic and international flights. The weather doesn't vary much between islands and is known as classically tropical. A dry season lasts from January to May, and a wet season follows, from June to December. Unlike other Caribbean Island, Trinidad and Tobago have both somewhat miraculously avoided the destruction of many major hurricanes in the area, though they are often hit with minor tropical storms.

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