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Tromso is located in northern Norway, north of the Arctic Circle and famous for the aurora borealis (Northern Lights), though they are not visible in Tromso from late April to mid-August. Some of Tromso's other attractions are the Polar Museum, Arctic Cathedral, Polaria, Fjellheisen, Mack Brewery, Tromso University Museum, Tromso War Museum, and Perspektivet. Tromso also offers ample activities such as fishing, dog sledding, whale watching, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.

You can fly nonstop from Tromso to Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim. You can drive from Tromso to Stavanger in about 29 hours. Geirangerfjord is about 22.5 hours away from Tromso. Lillehammer is about 21 hours from Tromso.

Tromso has a subarctic climate with short summers and cold winters. The midnight sun stays from mid-May to late July with continuous daylight lasting a little while longer. Polar night is from mid-November to mid-January. Winter temperatures are moderated by the Norwegian Sea and the westerlies. Most of the rainfall falls from September to February. Tromso accumulates a lot of snow that thaws and freezes over as ice.The best time to visit Tromso is from September to March. From mid-November to mid-January, because the sun never rises above the horizon, it gives you many more hours to catch the Northern Lights. Although it is impossible to know for certain when the light show will appear, strong light activity generally occurs every 27 days, visible in dark and clear skies, away from the cities. There are tends to be strong Northern Light activity around the spring and fall equinoxes in February-March and September-October.
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