Turkey Flights Guide

A true crossroads between East and West, and formally considered a country located in both Europe and Asia, Turkey is a desirable place for visitors for more than just its location. Featuring some of the oldest civilizations in the world,cities like Istanbul and Ankara feature a fascinating mashup of cultures and customs, food and drink that will wow even the most casual of visitor.

The largest city, Istanbul (famously the former Constantinople) is one of the oldest continually inhabited metropolitan areas in the world. It is Turkey's cultural and commercial center. Visitors are wowed by the rich history of the place, though parts have certainly fallen into disarray. Second largest city, Ankara, is the capital and considered a more modern hotspot, as well as the seat of the rather tumultuous government.

Although there are technically 22 international airports within Turkish borders, the most famous and most utilized for international commercial travel is Istanbul Ataturk Airport, which is the 11st busiest in the world. Sabiha Gokcen Airport, also in Istanbul, is the second busiest, followed by Antalya Airport in Antalya. The areas of Turkey considered coastal have a temperate, Mediterranean climate, with the exception of the areas off the Black Sea, which on average receive an increased amount of precipitation per year. Contrary to the beliefs of many, Turkey boasts a mountainous region, which is much more prone to extreme weather.
Popular Routes to Turkey

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