Turkmenistan Flights Guide

Turkmenistan is located in Asia's South Central region bordering onto the Caspian Sea. While most of Turkmenistan is classified as a desert, there is still plenty to discover. The most known landmark is the Darvaza gas crater in Derweze. This gas deposit has been burning for over 40 years and is famously better known as the Gates to Hell for its ongoing fire. After seeing the blaze you'll want to cool off at the underground cave lake of Kow-ata in the country's southern area near Bakharden. Get acquainted with the desert at Repetek Nature Reserve or explore the capital city of Ashgabat to see museums like the Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum and the Carpet Museum.

Turkmenistan's main and largest airport is near Ashgabat at Ashgabat International Airport where flights are regularly scheduled to and from Europe, The United Kingdom, Asia and India. International flights are also available from Turkmenbashi International Airport.Turkmenistan is situated near one of the driest deserts in the world allowing for the country to hit hot temperatures of around 48 degrees celsius. Summers are long and hot but winters are mild with temperatures around 4 degrees.

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