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United Kingdom Flights Guide

The United Kingdom is a group of connected nation-states comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and located off the Northwestern coast of the European continent. Though each country offers its own unique culture and identity (as well as government, flag, and country capital), the British Isles are famous for its mild, rainy weather and ensuing lush climate. The UK is often credited with the popularization of the English language as a worldwide lingua franca.

The capital cities of the individual nations of the UK (London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast) are all interesting and important cities in their own right. London is one of the most popular touristic destinations in the world and features world class tourist sites like The London Bridge, Big Ben clock tower, and the London Eye. Edinburgh is famous for its castle and its yearly theatre festival, called The Fringe Festival.

Most of the largest airports in the United Kingdom are located in England, and specifically and around London. Though London Heathrow is easily the biggest and busiest for both domestic and international flights, London's Gatwick is considered second, and London's Stansted is fourth. Manchester airport looms third, and the largest British airport outside of England can be found in Edinburgh.Though the climate varies slightly from Isle to Isle, the general climate of the United Kingdom is dominated by rain. Though weather in most places hardly drops below freezing, even in the wintertime due to the gulf stream, rain is common year-round, and hardly dissipates in the summer time. Summers are usually mild, with temperatures rarely rising above 30 degrees celsius.
Popular Routes to United Kingdom

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