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The United States of America, known to many as the world's first modern democracy as well as the most powerful country of the 20th century, the United States of America is known to many famous landmarks, from the Grand Canyon in Arizona, to The Empire States building (once the tallest building in the world) in New York City.

Though Washington DC (District of Columbia) is the capital city, it is outshadowed in population and cultural importance by New York City. However, a wide reaching country like the United States, there are many important and well populated cities all over the country, such as Atlanta, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana in the South and Los Angeles and San Francisco on the West Coast.

Crowded and popular international airports are many in The United States. Though the largest and busiest airport in the country is in Atlanta Georgia, New York City boasts three popular airports (JFK, Laguardia and Newark) and Los Angeles boasts LAX and major transportation hubs exists in almost every state in the country. Since the US occupies roughly one-third of the North American continent, it's no surprise that climates vary drastically by region. Weather on the Eastern Seaboard is considered a traditional oceanic climate with four distinct seasons. The American South has mild winters and humid summers, and weather on the west coast is considered mild, with the Northern Pacific northwest being prone to rain showers in all four seasons.
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