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Vienna is the capital of Austria and a hub of culture and history. Tourists flock to this destination to see all of its incredible architecture like that of the Centre of Vienna and Schonbrunn Palace, as well as museums. Vineyards are also incredibly popular in this area, so if you're looking for a good wine tasting experience, Viennese vino is a great option.

Vienna has an interesting public transit system. There are subways, local trains, trams, and buses servicing the city, and none of these forms of transit have ticket barriers. Vienna's transit runs on an honour code, so you are able to hop on and off trains without tickets, however that would breaking the code.

Vienna experiences warm summers that can get quite hot and humid depending on the year. The winters are cold are maintain a temperature around freezing, while spring and fall are both mild. The best time to visit Vienna is during the spring and fall when tourist crowds are lower and room/flight rates are not extreme. The temperature during this time is mild and allows tourists to appreciate the attractions and sites without getting uncomfortably hot.
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