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Vigo is located on the Atlantic Ocean in Spain's Galicia region. Castro Fortress is a major attraction in Vigo dating back to 1665 and acted as the city's defense system. The nearby Parque del Monte Castro is perfect for relaxing in nature while Playa de Samil is the largest beach in the area. Vigo is known for its seafood and wouldn't be a visit without trying dishes like chipirones and mariscada.

Direct trains are available from Vigo to Porto in Portugal arriving in 3 hours, Santiago de Compostela in just over an hour, as well as longer trips to Bilbao and Madrid. Ferries are available to get to nearby local cities like Cangas and Moana. Vigo has an oceanic climate with warm, dry summers as well as mild winters. Temperatures average at a high of 25 degrees celsius in the summer and 12 degrees in the winter.

The weather in Vigo and the entirety of the Galician region is always changing. Summer is arguably the best time to visit as you are promised warm temperatures and sunshine. Stormy winds are common during the winter months making the beaches a popular destination for surfers. If you really want to enjoy Vigo's beaches, the warmer seasons in spring and summer are great for swimming.
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