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Wuhan is a large city in China located on the Yangtze River and is full of beautiful historic buildings, museums, outdoor riverside parks, and incredible food. Walk along the river and the water isn't the only view! Check out the Bund, a Colonial bank building which is now a place for restaurants and nightclubs, the Yellow Crane Tower, the city's symbol, and the Mao Flood Memorial dedicated to Chairman Mao. Visit the East Lake, the Hubei Provincial Museum, and the Wanda Movie Park to watch and physically experience films.

Wuhan is large city with a large population. Traffic is often bumper to bumper, so public transit would be the most efficient way to travel the area. The city's public transport system includes city buses, taxis, and a subway system, all of which can get you to the attraction you desire some way or another.

Wuhan has a varying climate with cold winters dropping to 0? at its coldest and reaching highs of 35? in the summer. The best time to visit Wuhan is during the spring or fall, especially March and April or September and October. At this time, temperatures are the most comfortable and allow travelers to visit every site on their list and not have to make stop in the air conditioned space along the way.
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