Yemen Flights Guide

The Republic of Yemen is an Arab-controlled Middle Eastern country located at the Southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, just across the water from the African continent. Though Yemen is known as a continental country with a large coastline, it is also comprised of nearly two hundred islands. Yemen is a country in political turmoil, with rebel forces having taken control of the capital in 2015. Political instability deters many visitors to the country.

The former capital of the Republic of Yemen was Sana'a, which was the seat of the Yemeni government and was captured by rebel forces in 2015. Though it remains the largest city by population, the capital has been moved to Aden to accommodate the aftermath of the coup d'etat committed on the Yemeni government. Another important place is Socotra, the largest and most prominent of the Yemeni island nations.

Sana'a and Aden International airports are the largest and most important in the country. Both are owned and operated by the Yemeni government. Additionally, since 2015, a no-fly zone has been enforced across the entire country, so neither are open to commercial air travel. Yemen is comprised of four distinct climate regions. The west contains both coastal plains and western highlands, and the east is comprised of both highlands and a rather large sand desert. The Red Sea Coastline consists of a hot and arid coastal planar area. However, temperatures are not high only in this area, but rather across the entire country.

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